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Building Strong Leadership with 360 Performance Management

Leadership is where decisions foster and direction is provided.  You need leaders who have strong capabilities to drive results through others.  It is not the leader who does the work but rather the leader who influences, engages, cares about,  motivates others, inspires success and exhibits great empathy.  In short, creates and fosters the climate where an employee will thrive or flounder. 

Leadership is responsible for defining and improving the health and welfare of an organization. The healthy the organization, the more capable it is in serving its purpose.  There are disciplines an organization must follow to make that happen and the most important component is a strong, cohesive leadership team.  These teams build trust, eliminate politics, and increase efficiency by:

  • Knowing one another’s unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Openly engage in constructive ideological conflict
  • Hold one another accountable for behaviors and actions
  • Commit to group decisions

The 360 assessment tool  will help the team to first understands its unique strengths and weaknesses, then achieve a more open environment that is based in trust, yet holds one another accountable while increasing each individuals commitment to group decisions. Trust is what you must have and self-awareness his how you begin to address what matters to those you lead. Contact us today to find out how you can use this effective tool to develop your leaders.