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Profiles International - Company Background

In 1991, Jim Sirbasku and Bud Haney saw an unsatisfied business need that was having a negative effect on many companies. Traditional hiring methods had failed. American business was slipping from Number One in the world. Companies were bloated with marginally-productive employees. Quality control was shockingly lax. Training was conducted in a haphazard manner. The practice of promoting the best performer in one job to a different job had disastrous effects.

Bud and Jim founded Profiles International, Inc., after consulting with many occupational psychologists, human resource executives, and other professionals. Being experienced problem solvers, they wanted to learn about the latest technology and trends in human resources. They discovered a weak link in the system: The goal of "putting the right person in the right job" was more a dream than a reality.

They discovered that some companies were using testing to hire people. However, most of the tests being used were decades old and based on outdated research, concepts, and information. The best tests, they also discovered, were developed for clinical use and were illegal to use for hiring purposes. Bud and Jim began searching to find products and services that would satisfy the modern needs of business in America and world-wide.

Their research led to the discovery of several exciting new evaluation instruments that employ the latest research and technology. These are the products selected by Profiles International, Inc. They are the reason Profiles International has become the fastest growing company in the industry, spreading around the world as far as South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. In the United States, there are already over 750 Profiles International representatives. Although this rapid growth is impressive, it is just a first small step when compared to the plans we have for the future.

Our Mission

We will provide evaluation products of superior quality and value to serve the needs of business and organizations.

We will achieve our purpose through an organization where the working environment attracts the finest people, fully challenges and develops their individual talents and encourages their free-spirited collaboration to drive our business forward.

We will at all times maintain our principles of integrity, honesty, and quality.

Through the successful pursuit of these commitments we will continue to be known as "The Assessment Company;" the world's innovator and Leader in Employment Evaluation. Our efforts bring prosperity to our business, our business associates, our clients, and to the communities in which we live and serve.

Our Vision
We want to create a society

Where individuals are empowered to realize their full potential by maximizing their God-given talents and abilities.

Where companies, governments, the educational community, and organizations value all people and foster the creation of wealth and self-fulfillment.