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Creating Employee EngagementGot a problem employee

Are your employees engaged? Do they attack their work with commitment and dedication? Do they have a high level of interest in the performance of your business? Engaged employees are committed to quality and customer service. Organizations with engaged employees have a higher level of productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Unfortunately, according to Gallup Polls, only 29 percent of the U.S workforce is actively engaged. It is estimated that employee dissatisfaction and disengagement cost American businesses billions of dollars every year. 71 percent of the workforce are either “coasting” with a wait and see attitude, or worse, they are actively disengaged, meaning that they are undermining and dismantling the efforts of the other employees. Most U.S businesses don’t even understand how much money they are losing due to this phenomena.

Management can change the engagement level of their work force and improve productivity. By understanding the existing situation, companies can develop an effective action plan and create an organization that has a higher level of ownership and empowerment. MG Assessments works with organizations to identify their people talent and helps organizations understand how their workers drive results. MG Assessments has helped many organizations recover lost productivity by developing a more motivated and productive workforce. Specifically we will:

  • Diagnose your existing situation
  • Design an improvement plan
  • Provide guidance and feedback in the execution of the plan

Are you ready to claim your share of the annual $350 billion lost as a result of employee disengagement? If you would like to learn more on what you can do to create employee engagement, call us at 952-322-3330 or contact us to speak with a qualified consultant.

Do you know your workforce?

Today’s corporate leadership is spending millions of dollars on automation tools, lean initiatives, process re-engineering and other productivity initiatives. While these productivity tools are all good, no tool can adequately compensate for disengaged employees. Conversely, a highly engaged workforce will find ways to work around obstacles and achieve goals on their own initiatives. In addition highly engaged employees are:

  • Excited about their work and focused on accomplishing the task at hand
  • Not easily distracted and are more willing to work extra hours
  • Eager to volunteer for difficult assignments
  • Encouraging their co-workers to achieve higher levels of performance
  • Strong advocates for their companies products and services

Businesses with highly engaged workforces enjoy a tremendous advantage over their competitors.

  • On Average, they enjoy an 86% higher customer satisfaction level
  • They have 70% better employee retention
  • They are 70% more likely to have higher productivity
  • They have better safety records
  • They enjoy higher profitability
  • They deliver a greater earnings per share to their stockholders

Interested in knowing more about the benefits of employee engagement? Call us or contact us to receive our information pamphlet on Workforce Analysis.

The problem is getting worse

What worked for previous generations will not work in today’s workforce. Employee attitudes are shifting; workers are more skeptical, less loyal and less willing to accept more responsibility than they were even a decade ago. In addition the “baby boomers’ are leaving the workplace in growing numbers, millions of jobs are being vacated with very few qualified people available to fill them. Many companies are already facing a workforce crisis that is throttling their business.

Smart companies are proactively addressing this crisis by changing their own job environment and doing more to engage their employees. They are taking steps to profile their workplace and develop a plan to build a highly motivated workforce, empowering its managers to increase their effectiveness and solidify its organizations ability to compete now and in the future.

Creating a highly engaged workforce is the one of the most important initiatives a company can undertake, if you are interested in improving your organizations effectiveness, then contact us or call us and find out the steps you can take to create a highly engaged employee.