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MG Assessments has teamed up with Premier Alliance Group to take employment recruiting to a new level.  We are more than just a recruiter, but a valuable, knowledgeable extension of your companies hiring organization.  By using the latest employee selection tools, chances of hiring the outstanding performer is dramatically increased.

Most recruiting firms will sift through the thousands of resumes; contact the references and conduct and facilitate interviews. Unfortunately these methods only bring a 14 % to 25% success rate, by using our selection process, that success rate will triple.*

Our team understands that the most expensive mistake an organization can make is to hire the wrong person. Organizations that consistently hire the right person will have significantly higher productivity than their competitors.  Our services do not end at "you're hired." We maintain lasting, dedicated partnerships with our clients by providing ongoing communication and the tools necessary for a candidate's future growth and success within the firm. We are committed not only to "filling the position," but to making certain each candidate's distinctive talents are recognized and applied to their full potential.

We understand the impact of finding the right people on your bottom line. Our process assures that you have the best chance of finding that superior performer who will thrive in your organization.  For more information on our unique recruiting company, contact us or call us at 952-322-3330

* Peter Drucker