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The workforce Crisis- What can be done?workforce crisis image

Several years ago, we began seeing a problem emerging in the make up of our workforce. There is a major problem facing companies today that they did not face 5 years ago – The Workforce Crisis. By the end of 2007 we will have 2 million more jobs than people to fill them! Companies with money and the reputation as employers of choice will survive the crisis, many others will not.

The population will shift from “baby boomers” in the workforce to Genxers and there are 45% less Genxers than “baby boomers”. Talent Management will become a major problem for all companies. All companies will need to know their “real” current reality – not their “perceived” reality.

Management is the Issue

Is your company still stuck in the “old style” of management thinking?

  • “Turnover is part of doing business”
  • “Try the candidate out-if he doesn’t work out, we replace him”
  • “Hire 3 to get 2”

management imagesThis way of thinking is expensive and breeds disengagement. In today’s work climate companies cannot afford “normal” turnover. Businesses need to eliminate the “old way” of thinking and adopt attitudes that foster engagement. Employees must be viewed as people to be understood, rather than problems to deal with.

89% of managers believe that employees leave for more money. The fact is that only 12% percent of employees leave their company for money. The real reasons that people leave is linked to management and organization behavior. People quit people, not companies.

Employee turnover, management attitudes, employee motivation, productivity and profits are all linked together like an intricate jigsaw puzzle. Unlocking the secret to employee engagement will help solve the puzzle and help your organization to get back its share of the 350 billion dollars of waste caused by lack of employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Study

Profiles International saw the workforce crisis coming, and realized that companies without energized employees who believe in the company’s vision and mission were in for a long term struggle. To further understand the problem and required actions, Profile International teamed up with three other great organizations (click for more information on the companies) and embarked on a 3 year study, involving 24 major corporations and costing 2.3 million dollars.

The results (click to see summary of results) of this comprehensive study enabled Profiles International to develop an assessment tool that will reveal to organizations what their true “current reality” is and provide a road map to bring the organization to its “desired reality”

Are You Ready for Change?Are they engaged

Profiles International will help you understand your current reality by assessing how your company is doing in the critical elements of employee engagement and how it is affecting employee performance. You will learn how they feel about their job, what they like and don’t like and understand your employees attitudes. The assessment will be compiled and presented your executive management team.

  • Profiles analyzes data & prepares reports
  • Profiles presents data to your executives
  • Profiles provides recommendations for courses of action

We provide you with your customized picture of your current workforce. You will know your “current reality” by the Engagement, Satisfaction, Segmentation, Employee Attitudes and Actions.

You will receive several reports;

  • An Executive Report
  • Functional Group Analysis per Functional Group
  • Executive Summary
  • An electronic version of all reports and all the data point collected in the survey…and a series of recommendations, if you desire.
  • PowerPoint presentation

What is the Payback?engaged employee image

Companies in the U.S are losing over 350 billion dollars annually due to disengaged employees, changing your workforce motivation will allow you to reclaim your share of that lost productivity. Compare the differences between high engagement companies and low engagement companies:

  • 86% higher customer loyalty
  • 70% more success in lowering turnover
  • 70% high productivity
  • 44% higher profitability
  • 78% better safety records
  • 27% increase in Earnings per Share

The work force crisis will only get worse if nothing is done about it. To find out more on how you can understand your current reality of workforce engagement, contact us or call us.