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Human Resource Consulting

MG Assessment is a human resource consulting company dedicated to improving your profits by helping you create a more productive and engaged workforce.  Our consulting will address your organization, your management or leadership, your employees or all of these.

We develop practical, common sense solutions that you can easily implement and follow progress on.  Our goal is to improve your bottom line!


Your businesses profits depend on your organization.  Each organization has its own characteristics such as level of employee engagement, type or management leadership, the skills and abilities of your employees, team work ability and a host of other attributes.  These characteristics, if not understood and addressed can spell doom for a company.  Your organization attributes need to be in sync with your business plans.

MG Assessments will assess your organization and determine where you need to be with respect to your business goals.  We can develop a detailed human resource action plan to fill the gaps and make recommendations that will enable your business to thrive.  This is not about “feel good” ideas; this is about improving your profits. Specifically we will:

  • Characterize your business needs
  • Assess your organizations ability to meet those needs.
  • Develop recommendations to “fill the gaps”
  • Create a straightforward plan.

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Your front line managers can be your greatest obstacle for improving your company’s profitability.  The number one reason given for employees leaving their job is incompatibility with their manager.  Additionally, most employees prefer to receive the majority of company communication from their direct supervisor.   Nothing can destroy a department’s moral more than an ill-equipped supervisor. 

MG Assessment consultants can assess workforce compatibility and help your leaders more effectively manage their staff in a way that will bring out the best in all of them.  We will provide you with the tools to assess your managers and develop them into effective leaders with a comprehensive, yet easy to follow leadership training plan.

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The sad truth today is that the majority of your workforce is not actively engaged in your business goals.  What happens to your profitability when your workers are just “putting their time in” or worse, are actively sabotaging your business?   There are many reasons for “disengaged employees” including poor communication, incompatibility with manager, incompatibility with their job or several other factors. 

MG Assessments can quickly identify issues that are inhibiting the workforce productivity that you need to have for your business to succeed.  We will develop practical and detailed action plans to help you make the changes needed to create a higher engaged workforce that is more productive, and is highly interested in making your company a success. 

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