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Want to Increase Your Sales?

What Company would not want to increase sales?  Yet many businesses often fail to focus on the most significant factor in sales revenue:  having the right sales behavior characteristics.   Less than 25% of people currently in sales have the behavior characteristics to become outstanding sales people.  Further almost 50% don’t measure up to even minimum standards.

MG Assessments will help you evaluate your current sales people and develop a training/ development plan that will help you create a sales force of outstanding performers. 

How do we do it?

  • First, we  help you find out what attributes are most critical to sales success for your organization
    • What behavioral qualities make the best the best (i.e. persistence, self-reliance, energy drive, competitiveness).
    • What sales behaviors make the best the best (i.e. prospecting, closing, call reluctance, working with a team, building relationships, compensation preference).
  • We map out behavior pattern(s) that are ideal and customized for your sales organization.
  • We evaluate your current sales employees against these patterns, looking for “right fit”.
  • For those that “fit”, we identify where you need to coach/train for behavioral/sales qualities.
  • For those that “don’t fit”, we help you transition them over to something else.

MG Assessments will also help you hire new employees with the right characteristics and behaviors by using advanced techniques for sales force selection.  Once you find the right people, we will help you train them to become the outstanding performers that your company needs.

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