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9/28/2016    September 2016 Newsletter

Timing is Everything
Here’s How to Speed Up Your Hiring

5/26/2016    April 2016 Newsletter

Are The Internet and Social Media Stealing Your Best Employees?
Two Steps to Help Beat Employee Migration

12/22/2015    December 2015 Newsletter

Is “Thank you!” a business strategy?
The impersonal message arrived at her desk by email:
“Come to the break room to pick up your certificate for your Christmas ham.”

11/30/2015    November 2015 Newsletter

Want Awesome Leadership?

What Styles to Look for and When

10/30/2015    October 2015 Newsletter

5 Good Reasons You Need Good Workforce Planning and What You Can Do to Get Started Now

9/30/2015    September 2015 Newsletter

How to Build a Sales Team with Swagger

8/28/2015    August 2015 Newsletter

How Can You Engage and Retain Your Best Employees?
Learn What One Small Company Is Doing

7/23/2015    July 2015 Newsletter

How to Bring a Healthier Work-Life Balance to Your Organization
(Start by Answering These 8 Questions)

6/5/2015    June 2015 Newsletter

Performance Issues? Put Performance Management and Coaching to Work for You

5/7/2015    May 2015 Newsletter

I Won’t Order from that Company Again!
(Why Your Business Should Give Consistent Customer Service and Four Tips to Help You Do It)

4/8/2015    April 2015 Newsletter

Five Best Practices for Effective, Year-round Performance Management

2/5/2015    February 2015 Newsletter

Why Wild Goalie Devan Dubnyk Should Never Play Professional Basketball
[Three Characteristics Great Salespeople Share]

1/7/2015    January 2015 Newsletter

The Nine Box: A Tool You Can Use to Identify and Retain Key Talent

12/14/2014    December 2014 Newsletter

What I Learned About Business from a Shoe Clerk

11/29/2014    November 2014 Newsletter

More than dumb luck! How you can find the leader you need for your organization

10/21/2014    October 2014 Newsletter

Are You Making This Critical Error When Developing Your Strategic Plan?

9/29/2014    September 2014 Newsletter

Is Your Sales Force Meeting Your Needs?
Maybe your sales force is fine the way it is. Maybe not. How can you tell? And if it’s not, what can you do about it?

8/27/2014    August 2014 Newsletter

Want Engaged Employees? 7 Ways to Maximize Your Employee Engagement Survey

7/27/2014    July 2014 Newsletter

6/3/2014    Social Media: Your New Link to Finding Talent

4/9/2014    5 Tips for Keeping Your Best Employees

When it comes to employment, talented employees always have options. Here are some common sense tips to help you hone your management practices so you can keep your best people.

2/6/2014    Do you have competent managers?

Want Awesome Leaders? 5 Tips for Getting High-performing Managers

12/2/2013    Do you have great working teams?

What can a college football coach teach us about building a successful business team or organization?
Some lessons from Minnesota Gopher football coach Jerry Kill.

9/26/2013    Do you have an effective leadership team?

Six Common Challenges That Can Prevent You From Being an Effective Leader

6/25/2013    Eight Qualities of Competent Managers

Leadership is not a one-size-fits-all skill. Rather, it requires a person to mesh all kinds of managerial skills into one. Here are eight CEOs who possess eight different skills or competencies that you can learn from to become a more effective leader and

3/5/2013    Four Ways to Use HR Metrics?

We’re seeing a shift toward a much more quantitative analysis of the HR role. This shift requires a change in the HR metrics we use and the way we use them. Today’s newsletter explains.

1/28/2013    Are you Playing the Game to Win?

Thank you for your business in 2012.
It has been a pleasure helping you reach your goals,
and I look forward to serving you again in the new year.
Best wishes for a prosperous and wonderful 2013!

12/28/2012    Assess Your Way to Job Fit

The Vikings quarterback of the present and future, Christian Ponder, has struggled mightily this season.
This begs the question: Is he the right man for the job?
More pertinent to you:
Do you have the right people on the job in your organizatio

11/29/2012    Are You Making Magic?

When the right people are in the right jobs at the right companies…magic can happen.
As an advocate for people finding their ideal job fit, Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. founder, knew this. Do you?
Are you placing the right people in the right jobs in your

10/25/2012    Where are all our leaders?

Lack of leadership continues to plague our nation, our schools and corporate America. Is it disrupting production, undermining the work environment or dragging down morale in your business, as well? Learning to lead and then putting leadership to work will

7/31/2012    Wild Madness and What We Can Learn from It

With two strokes of a pen, the Wild have gone from irrelevant to relevant in the world of hockey.
They created a team-building culture and an exciting brand,
and rekindled excitement in their fan base.
What can we in business take away from this

6/29/2012    Do Your Employees ‘Match The Positions They Play?’

If you are a baseball fan, you know managers position their players where they will succeed—for themselves and for the team.
But how many managers in business do the same?
Here are some principles for matching people to jobs.

4/27/2012    Are Your Managers Ready for Change?

"Teams and players that are winners respond to adversity," says Timberwolves coach Rick Adelman, talking about changes in his lineups due to injuries.
How about your managers?
How would they cope with the challenge of change?
And how can you he

3/30/2012    Make Every Hire Count

I know you want to hire the right people for your organization.
But taking the wrong course of action or rushing the process
could prevent you from assembling the solid team you desire.
Today's newsletter will help you address the task
so you

1/24/2012    Three Big Questions for 2012

Here are three questions to help you improve the engagement level within your organization.
How you answer these questions will affect your business and your bottom line for the next year and beyond.

12/2/2011    Hire Strategically

How about your organization?
Are you thinking short-term or are you planning for the future?

10/31/2011    How to Change the Performance Pace in Your Organization

Not all employees perform as you expect or hope.
Many under perform.
Here's how to give employees road signs for success,
and how to deal quickly with those who don't follow the signs.

9/27/2011    The Season Opener: An Excellent Example of Workforce Planning

Do you need workforce planning?
A better question might be: Can you compete without it?
Here's a look at what workforce planning can do for a football team — and for your business.

8/30/2011    Recipe for Success

Following procedures helps managers do a good job.
Sometimes, however, procedures become routine and managers unconsciously begin to fall off the track.
Here's how you can recognize the symptoms of a struggling manager and nudge him toward success.

7/26/2011    Secret Weapon of Top-performing Companies: Competent Managers

Look at statistics and you'll find that winning baseball teams have the best managers. Here's what it takes to have a top-performing company in business.

7/26/2011    Secret Weapon of Top-performing Companies

Look at statistics and you'll find that winning baseball teams have the best managers. Here's what it takes to have a top-performing company in business.

7/8/2011    Keep Your Eye on the 'Customer-Service Ball'

Keep Your Eye on the 'Customer-Service Ball'
Tips: Six Traits That Make Customer-Facing Employees Successful
Your Solution Toolbox: How to Identify People Who Match Your Customer-Service Policies and Attitudes

5/17/2011    "Off" day or Slump? What to Do About Underperforming Employees

Bad days happen. We all have them.
But when an employee's "off" day stretches into weeks or months,
it can infect your entire workplace.
Here are some ideas to help your company, managers and underperforming employees get back on track.

4/26/2011    Are You Maximizing the Potential of Your Frontline Managers?

Customers expect a pleasant experience when doing business with you. But it's inevitable: Things sometimes go wrong.
If they do, are your frontline staff and managers trained at fixing them?
Are these employees an asset or a liability?
Here's adv

2/24/2011    Are You Building Customer Loyalty?

In business, customer satisfaction is important.
It does not guarantee that your customers
will continue to buy from you, however.
For that, you need customer loyalty.
How loyal are your customers?
What can you do to build customer loya

1/24/2011    Secrets to Building Great Teams

The 2010 football season ended for the Minnesota Vikings
on Sunday, January 2. Mercifully, some say.
But as we look forward to 2011, here are some sports analogies we can take away from the season — and football in general — to learn about ourselv

12/15/2010    Taking a Coaching Approach to the Review Process

It’s that time of year again. You’re gearing up for performance reviews.
You expect the process will help you and your people focus
on your primary goal of improving company results.
You also hope to provide an opportunity for your people to gro

10/19/2010    What a Mama Bird and Manager (Should) Have in Common

Maximize People, Generate Performance,
Achieve Results
Nature can teach us a lot if we only pay attention.
Here are some thoughts about what we, as business owners
and managers, can learn from a mama bird's coaxing and coaching as her

9/17/2010    Is Your Organization Designed Like a Sports Team?

When it comes to sports, teamwork brings success.
Just ask the Minnesota Twins and the Minnesota Vikings.
How can we in the business world learn from the sporting world?
Here are some thoughts.

8/17/2010    How to Keep Your Employees Productive

As productivity continues to rise, many businesses have begun to realize they have greatly strained their workforce.
Have you maximized your employees' abilities?
How long will your employees be able to continue doing what they do now?
And what

6/25/2010    Why are some customers loyal while others are not?

What makes some keep coming back to a business week after week, year after year?
And what can you do to encourage that?
Here are some ideas that will help.

5/25/2010    How to Predict — and Avoid — Conflict in the Workplace

Like oil and water, some personalities just don't mix.
As a result, workers sometimes find themselves at odds.
Are you seeing conflicts between coworkers in your business?
What if you could solve or even proactively stop these conflicts?

4/26/2010    What four-letter word helps reduce stress?

If you look at the headline "What four-letter word helps reduce stress?" you might think we're advising you to let loose with profanity unsuitable for printing here.
But that's not the kind of word we have in mind. You can use our word in public and rem

2/24/2010    How Do You Do When It Comes to Customer Service?

In business, building relationships builds sales.
But establishing a loyal customer base requires a conscious focus on customer service.
Are your employees right for this job?
Are they — and you —giving the service needed to guarantee that your

1/26/2010    What You Can Learn from Professional Football for Your Organization

Professional football teams assess their personnel and make adjustments during the off-season.
What about you and your organization?
Have you analyzed your team? Do you know where incompetence lies?
Are you prepared to do something about it?
1/20/2010    What You Can Learn from Professional Football for Your Organization

Professional football teams assess their personnel and make adjustments during the off-season.
What about you and your organization?
Have you analyzed your team? Do you know where incompetence lies?
Are you prepared to do something about it?
12/10/2009    November 2009 Newsletter

Who survives a treacherous economy?
Research shows those organizations with "best people practices" leading to outstanding productivity.

Here's what you can learn from them.

10/2/2009    October 2009 Newsletter

How many people does it take to get the job done right in your organization?

8/5/2009    How to Improve Your Hiring Practices

None of us can afford hiring mistakes. Especially when the economy ails.
Turnover is just too costly.

Here are tips to help you hire the best hire possible all the time.

8/4/2009    August 2009 Newsletter

How to Improve Your Hiring Practices

7/24/2009    July 2009 Newsletter

Is the stock market hurting employee productivity?

6/25/2009    June 2009 Newsletter

Spotting the 20 Percent Who Sell the 80 Percent

5/28/2009    Who's in charge of performance? Do you know what drives it in your organization?

Who's in charge of performance? Do you know what drives it in your organization?
Tips for building a people performance model in your organization
Your solution toolbox: Measuring and strengthening what matters

4/29/2009    April News Letter 2009

How to keep your customers
Nine tips for calming angry customers
Your Solution Toolbox: Spreading customer service acumen to every employee

3/30/2009    March News Letter 2009

Who's in charge of performance? Do you know what drives it in your organization?-
Tips for building a people performance model in your organization-
Your solution toolbox: Measuring and strengthening what matters

3/7/2009    February 2009 News Letter

Seven reasons to focus on recruiting in 2009
Tip of the month: Three things to do to prepare for the hiring recovery
Your Solution Toolbox: The right fit for your specific needs

2/16/2009    January 2009Newsletter

What New Year's Eve and Performance Reviews Have in Common
Pop Quiz: Testing Your Coaching IQ
Your Solution Toolbox: Check Out This List When Planning Your New Year

12/12/2008    December 2008 Newsletter

Economy Giving You A Bumpy Ride? Here's How to Fly Safely Through Turbulence

11/5/2008    Coach through the chaos of stress

Depending what statistics you read, as many as 80 percent of workers feel stress on the job. Add talk of falling housing prices, failing banks, threatened job security and an unsteady Wall Street and it's no wonder more and more of us feel anxious.
9/24/2008    Winning Gold: How to Build Team Spirit

Good coaches know: Team members who compliment each other's strengths and compensate for each other's weaknesses.
Team members who respect, learn from and support one another.
If you wish to build outstanding teams in your organization, here's a han

7/31/2008    Developing a Recession-proof Workforce

Indeed, many Americans think we are already in recession. We're caught up in a credit crunch. Home foreclosures are mounting, construction rates falling. Stocks are dropping. The jobless rate has risen. Expenses have escalated.

4/8/2008    How to Refocus Your Customer Service

3/10/2008    Getting your employees from poor to good, average to superior

You already know that poor performers can waste precious dollars for your company.
But so do average employees.
In today's precarious economy, there's little room for waste,
and so here are some tips for improving employee engagement in your com

2/4/2008    What Are your Employees Worth? Should You Measure It? Can You Measure It? How?

What is the cost of employee underperformance in your company?
Conversely, do you know your high performers' worth?
What would happen if you lost your top performer? What would that do to your business?
Do you know?
In our unstable economy,

1/8/2008    January 2008 Newsletter

Six Ideas to Help You Keep Success in Succession Planning

11/26/2007    October 2007 Newsletter

Is your financial picture a little bleaker this year than last?
Have you watched your income growth rate fall in the last 12 months?
Lost sleep over a drop in operating income?
What can you do to improve performance?

9/28/2007    Make Your Training Worth Every Dollar You Spend

Many companies spend oodles of dollars training their sales people.
Yet they see very little change in sales.
Are your sales stagnant – even after a training session?
What can you do to make training more effective?

7/26/2007    July 2007 Newsletter

Research shows we'll soon face a "workforce crisis"

when demand for labor will outstrip supply.

Are you ready?

Will you be able to compete for top talent in this climate?

What can you do?

6/15/2007    May 2007 Newsletter

Maximize People, Generate Performance,

Achieve Results
Do your workers have fun on the job?

Do they like what they do and do it well?

Are they loyal to your company?

Or are you hearing rumblings of discontent?

4/15/2007    April 2007 Newsletter

Are your employees giving their all?
Are they engaged in their work?
Do they believe what they do is important?
Do they bring passion to their work?
Do they feel it has purpose?
Do they feel appreciated?

3/15/2007    March 2007 Newsletter

An impending shortage of skills and talent threatens
the American workforce.
Do you have a strategy in place to meet
the challenges of this shortage?

2/15/2007    February 2007 Newsletter

Turnover costs are souring in America! Are you feeling the pain?

1/15/2007    January 2007 Newsletter

Increase profits with the same resources!!
When managing performance, don't wing it

12/15/2006    December 2006 Newsletter

Are your employees engaged?
Or, are you among the many U.S. businesses hampered
by employees not engaged in their work?

10/16/2006    October 2006 Newsletter

Do you know the costs of lost talent in your organization?
Can you report dollars associated with employee satisfaction?

8/15/2006    August 2006 Newsletter

Are you hiring top performers,
or does your sales force fall into the 80/20 rule?

7/15/2006    July 2006 Newsletter

Is your productivity something to brag about
or do you wish you could get more?

6/15/2006    June 2006 Newsletter

Are you leading effectively through clear communication
or are you simply faking it?

5/15/2006    May 2006 Newsletter

Creating value through HR
If you are not already doing this, it's time to start!!

4/17/2006    April 2006 Newsletter

Part II of the War for Talent is here!

3/15/2006    March 2006 Newsletter

How to Manage the War for Talent (Part I)

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