MG Assessments Announces Podcast

MG Assessments LLC, a human resource consulting firm, will be doing a Podcast starting May 1st, 2008.  The podcast will be available for the entire month of May at  During the podcast, Mary Gorski will be discussing ways to determine how employees are contributing to the bottom line.

“The subject of this podcast is very timely.” Said Mary Gorski, President of MG Assessments LLC.  “Many companies are currently facing a downturn in business and may be forced to make adjustments to their workforce.  Unfortunately most companies do not understand the true value of a given employee.   As a result, staff decisions are more arbitrary than strategic, and companies suffer the consequences of reductions in productivity and customer service “

Mary continued: “This program will give you tips on ways to assess the true value of each employee and help you make better decisions to adjust your strategies in areas such as performance development, staffing re-alignment, hiring and firing.” 

The program will give you some easy to implement, common sense techniques to evaluate your workforce and determine what each employee contributes to the bottom line.  

The podcast will also be available from MG Assessments Website

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