MG Assessments, LLC Introduces New Profiles WorkForce Compatibility ™ Tool

Apple Valley, MN (PRWEB) February 9, 2008 -- MG Assessments LLC, an HR consulting company that specializes in improving workforce productivity, announced today that it now offers a new on-line productivity enhancement tool. The tool is called Profiles WorkForce Compatibility™ and specifically is designed to analyze the working style differences between managers and employees. The analysis will also give specific guidance how to effectively address compatibility issues and create a more engaging relationship between the supervisor and employee.

"With the economy apparently in recession, most companies are going to try to make due with the resources they now have," said Mary Gorski, President of MG Assessments, LLC. "Yet they will continually be faced with more demands while having fewer resources to deal with them. It will be absolutely vital that each and every employee is engaged and productive. This tool will help an organization reach that goal."

The tool specifically measures seven key characteristics that define the relationship between an employee and their manager. Specific differences and similarities are identified and rated. Recommendations on how best to manage the employee are provided along with detailed implementation instructions.

"The number one reason that employees leave their company is because of conflicts with their manager." Said Mary, "Addressing those issues will improve compatibility and significantly increase productivity."

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