July 2009 Newsletter

The stress caused by the stock market fall can certainly manifest itself with negative productivity, yet there is an opportunity for companies to foster a higher level of engagement by proactively educating their workforce on sound financial strategies.  Panicking will only hurt your employee’s financial situation and distract them from their job.  By properly educating them, you can help reduce their stress, improve their financial situation and increase employee engagement regarding their retirement concerns. 

Mary Gorski, President of MG Assessments LLC and Robert J. Klefsaas, Founder and President of All Star Financial have collaborated on a very informative white paper called “Panic is not an Investment Strategy”.  This is a must read for employers interested in helping their workforce through this stressful time while improving the level of engagement with your company.  The paper can be downloaded from MG Assessments www.mgassessments.com or All Star Financial www.allstarfinancial.com website.

While employees assets have rebounded in value slightly, the recession is still a concern, and most employees 401K plans are still under water considerably.  At this time everyone is asking the questions, When will the recession end and when will the recovery begin to take hold in the market?   This is a great opportunity to foster engagement , by connecting with your workforce on an issue that concerns everyone.  Let us help you set the right course of action.

What Should Employers Do?
For many organizations, the next step is to seek professional assistance.  Call Mary (952-322-3330) or Bob (952-896-3820) and:

Option 1: Let’s Talk! We offer a no obligation consultation to review your current activities to stabilize financial concerns and engagement.

Option 2: Let’s Evaluate Them! We can formally review your organization’s current approach to engagement against proven best practices and provide an action plan to revise each. 

Option 3: Let’s Deploy Them! We have additional resources that can assist your organization with best practice HR solutions. Whether it is on classification systems, position profiles, recruitment, selection, manager and leadership training, or 401K consulting, our preferred partner network has the capabilities that you need to thrive in today’s HR environment.   All Star Financial has a 1-hour presentation that is guaranteed to reduce fear and increase productivity!  In the last six months All Star has presented this to over 6,000 employees!  Call 1-888-809-7901 and ask for Bob.

Get started today ensuring a continued high degree of engagement, productivity, and success during this challenging economic downturn!

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