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Want Awesome Leaders? 5 Tips for Getting High-performing Managers

Disappointing! The Minnesota Vikings, ended the 2013 season in the basement of the NFC North with a 5-10-1 record.

Now, going into the off-season, they have to be asking themselves what they must do to work their way out of their doldrums. How can they resurrect themselves? How can they set themselves up for success not only in the short term but also for years to come? How can they become a Super Bowl contender?

The fact is, there are a lot of unknowns for the Vikings going into the offseason — primarily, who will take over the coaching position, who will quarterback the team, and how to fill holes in the defense.

The good news is that this organization can overcome these hurdles by assessing the team, starting with their leadership team, and their goals, and then taking action to improve managerial and leadership competence. (Let’s hope they’ve done that in hiring Mike Zimmer, the Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator to coach the team.)

If they were to ask me, I’d advise them to emulate teams like the Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers, the New England Patriots, and the Denver Broncos, teams with a plan and strong leadership who — not coincidentally — contended for their conference championships.

Which brings me to your business. Specifically encouraging effective leadership in your business.

To compete in business like the Seahawks, 49ers, Patriots and Broncos do on the field, your company depends on strong leadership and detailed planning.

And both depend on competent managers.

When it comes to finding high-performing managers when hiring and promoting, or molding an employee into a high-performing manager, many people — savvy business people among them — are quick to fall back on intuition or a gut feeling (or rationalization when they don’t work).

Let me just say this: There are better ways.

Here are five tips you can use to make sure your managers perform at the level you desire:

Here’s the bottom line. Your employees and even your managers themselves are painfully aware of the damage done by incompetency in your organization. Yet, they’ll continue to stumble along all the while wishing leadership would take action. Follow the ideas above, and you’ll take a giant step toward ridding your team of incompetence and making it a winner. Just like the Seahawks, 49ers, Patriots and Broncos, and, we fans hope, eventually like the Vikings.

Your Solution Toolbox: Help for Fashioning Great Managers

Did you know that more than 30 percent of all people changing jobs do so to escape their bosses?

This disaster happens primarily in environments where traditional, boss-down appraisals evaluate management performance, an approach that never taps the views of those who most directly experience the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a manager's performance.

Here’s my advice for appraising your managers’ performances: Use assessment tools like Profiles International's CheckPoint 360™.

CheckPoint 360™ allows your leaders to receive a job performance evaluation from the people around them — their boss, their peers and the people they supervise.

From this feedback, managers can compare others' opinions with their own perceptions, positively identify their strengths and pinpoint areas of their job performance that need improvement.

CheckPoint focuses on a manager's job performance in eight competency areas: communication, adaptability, task management, productivity, development of others, leadership, building relationships and personal development.

How does CheckPoint 360™ work?
Each participant completes an evaluation on the Internet or on paper, a process that takes about 15 minutes. Results are compiled in a report, which the manager receives.

Except for the boss, participants remain anonymous. They are encouraged to be honest and objective in their responses.

To help the manager read, understand and effectively use the data for self-development, CheckPoint reports have colorful graphs and charts, and narrative descriptions of evaluation results. Further, its special personal growth section coaches managers helping them improve performance in development areas.

The CheckPoint report also encourages managers to link directly into an online system called CheckPoint SkillBuilder, which takes them through a step-by-step process of developing a comprehensive and personalized development plan.

If you would like to learn more about CheckPoint 360™, call me today at 952-322-3330 or send an email to I'll happily show you what these two tools can do for you and your organization.

HR Consulting
Call me, too, if you are looking for professional assistance with your personnel questions. We’ll help you learn how to:

• Understand your workers’ strengths, weaknesses and interests
• Match people to job demands
• Increase employee performance throughout your organization

Let's Talk! We offer a no-obligation consultation to informally assess your current policies, procedures and practices. This may help determine what's missing in your current programs. Again, call 952-322-3330 or send an email to

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