Social Media: Your New Link to Finding Talent

The problem with finding candidates to hire from a job board is that you end up with a pile of unqualified applicants. I know. I’ve been there. And I suspect you have too.

And like I, you probably think, “Another minute of sifting through these and I’ll go crazy.”

Maybe you even find yourself dreaming of the “good old days” when you simply ran an ad in the local newspaper.

Luckily, these days, there’s another, more efficient way to search for the perfect candidate: by leveraging social recruiting. 

Social media have become legitimate recruiting tools for many companies. In fact, some of the biggest companies use social media to find their perfect candidates: Disney, Pepsi, and AIG, for example. Even Twitter uses Twitter.

Recruiters from these companies have found that social media platforms give them tools to search for the perfect candidate and to talk to them when they find them. As part of their hiring process, they use these social channels to look for professional experience, tenure, hard skills, industry-related voice and cultural fit.

If you’re skeptical that social recruiting can deliver quality candidates and real business value, look at this report from Jobvite on the topic. The result of an online survey conducted in 2013, this report is Jobvite’s sixth. (Jobvite helps companies grow employee referrals and source talent.)

To summarize, this Jobvite survey of 1600 recruiting and human resources professionals shows that 94 percent plan to use social media in their recruiting efforts. More to the point, 78 percent of recruiters have hired through a social network, up from 58 percent in 2010. 

Companies using social networking also report that social recruiting will help you

The best part, however, is that it’s free!

Where should you start?
Currently, the social networks of choice are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are others, of course, but experts tell us these three are the most effective.

The question, of course, is how do you use them? More specifically, how do you do it in a way that not only works, but won’t take over your life or require that you learn a boatload of complicated technology? 

Here’s my idea for an approach:
1) Use Twitter to Get the Word out  
 Twitter is your bullhorn. Use it to broadcast your job opening.

 Aside from posting your position, broaden your network by following people in your industry on Twitter. Get involved in your industry’s Twitter conversations with relevant comments. And finally, use tweeting to share information about your company and to attract the right talent.
2) Use Facebook to Search for Candidates
 Based on sheer size — over a billion users — Facebook is your site for sourcing.

      1. Post your job openings; tell viewers how to apply or get in touch with hiring managers.
      2. Accurately reflect your brand and create a careers tab.
      3. Allow your employees to discuss what they like about their jobs.
      4. Include links to your company website career page.
      5. Ask for referrals.

3) Use LinkedIn to Network…and More

User profiles on LinkedIn contain detailed descriptions of their experience and expertise making LinkedIn the premier social channel for recruitment. And, with 200 million users, it’s the perfect vehicle for finding your next great candidate. Here are 10 ways you might use LinkedIn for networking and recruiting:

Well, that’s my case (and tips) for exploring social media to help in your employee search.

Am I saying you should abandon all your traditional search methods such as face-to-face networking or posting your position on your internal job board?

Not at all.  After all, when it comes to recruiting, you and I both know that using one resource — in this case social media only— to find the right person at the right time is never enough.

What I am saying is that you have a fantastic opportunity in front of you to build a diverse platform to find candidates by using these social media tools.

Besides, look at it this way. In the end, by using social media you get a fantastic employee, or you get a new friend and either is very good for building your business.

Your Solution Toolbox: A Tool to Determine Job Fit
Identifying potential candidates for a position is only the first step in finding the perfect employee for your position. You’ll also want to determine how well a candidate fits the job you are filling.

Enter Profile International's  ProfileXT® (PXT).

PXT can help you determine job fit, a key indicator of how well an employee will perform and how long he will stay on the job. It also uses a job match pattern that you develop by examining employees who are most and least successful in a given position. Their scores provide benchmarks for new job candidates in the same position. PXT can also help determine the best candidates for internal promotions.

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