Everyone has heard of Facebook by now, and many companies are starting to use this and other social media sites.  The most common reasons are:

1.  Promoting Business

2.  Managing Reputation

3.  Branding

Another reason that can dove tail right into your other social networking strategy is employee engagement. 

We are not touting Facebook as the only or even main avenue for creating engagement.  Social Media won’t do anything for employee engagement unless it fits into a comprehensive strategy that includes a number of other facets, but it can be a fairly inexpensive and fun way to keep your employees in the loop with what is happening at your business.   It also will allow them some interaction.

There are 250,000,000 users on Facebook with demographics that are not limited to the “younger age group”.  In fact, the 55 and older crowd is one of the fastest growing segments.  It would be surprising if at least half of employees did not have a Facebook account.

With Facebook, the appropriate engagement technique is to create a Company Page- do NOT use your personal Facebook as a method of communicating and updating your employees.  The reason is simple; using your personal Facebook page can potentially expose personal information that you don’t necessarily need to share with your employees and the opposite is true as well.  By creating a company page, you have more tools to maintain good communication without risking the sharing of too much information in either direction.

What are things you can post on your company Facebook account?

  • Company Events
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Comments and general announcements

The main idea is to share company information in ways that are interesting.  The sharing experience will hopefully increase the emotional attachment of your employees to your business success.  At the same time you can promote your business to customers.

Some advice:
  • Keep posts professional and courteous.  Going into a rant on the future of health care is not appropriate for your company page.
  • Be consistent and persistent – You should try to post at least weekly, better if daily.
  • Don’t post company information ONLY on Facebook, consider the employees who don’t or won’t use Facebook.
  • Respect your employee’s privacy – If you are going to mention an employee by name – be sure to get permission.
  • Promote the company Facebook page inside your company – doesn’t do any good if your employees aren’t aware that the company has a Facebook page.

Finally, in addition to enhancing communication with your existing employees, you can also promote your company to future employees.  The generation that has just entered the work force relies greatly on the internet for collaboration and communication.  Having a Facebook page can be a great recruiting tool.