Over the last several weeks, our postings have focused on employee engagement.  We believe that employee engagement is the most critical element to workforce productivity, but there are many pieces of this puzzle that need to fit. 

Employee Engagement is the emotional attachment that your employees have to your business success.  A highly engaged employee is passionate about her work and is striving to improve business performance.  In order to have a highly engaged workforce, many factors come into play:

  • Right Person in the Right Job:  An employee can’t be highly engaged unless they are passionate about what they do.  This means that behavior traits, thinking patterns, occupational interests, aptitudes and skill sets are consistent with the job.
  • Organization:  Smart companies are proactively addressing engagement by changing their own job environment and doing more to involve their employees. They are taking steps to profile their workplace and develop a plan to build a highly motivated workforce, empowering its managers to increase their effectiveness and solidify its organizations ability to compete now and in the future.  In order to have a highly engaged workforce, you the business owner or top leader must be actively involved with this process.

  • Leadership:  Engagement can’t take place unless your leadership (frontline as well as top management) behavior is cultivating employee engagement.  The number one reason employees give for leaving a job is their immediate supervisor.  Having the wrong leaders can result in unproductive conflicts, miscommunications and even sabotage.

  • Measurement and Feedback:  The expression goes “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”.  You need to be measuring the critical elements of employee engagement and how it is affecting employee performance.  Employees need regular feedback on their own performance and how it relates to the entire organization. 

What is the payback of having a highly engaged workforce?  Businesses with highly engaged workforces enjoy a tremendous advantage over their competitors.

o On Average, they enjoy an 86% higher customer satisfaction level

o They have 70% better employee retention

o They are 70% more likely to have higher productivity

o They have better safety records

o They enjoy higher profitability

o They deliver a greater earnings per share to their stockholders

Creating employee engagement is not easy and can’t be done overnight, but it is probably the best thing you can do to improve your business profits.

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