This is way premature but let me be the first to say it: “congratulations!  You just survived the longest and deepest recession in 60 years.”   How do you feel?  

Unfortunately it doesn’t quite feel like the recession is over, unemployment rate is still high, consumer spending is still down.  But there are some glimmers of good news, the Dow Jones is approaching the 10,000 mark, the housing market has stabilized (maybe) and some segments of business and industry are reporting an upturn.

Is your business starting to turn?   If you are like most businesses, you are still going to be very cautious about adding expense or making investments.  Hopefully the day will come when you will need to increase your staff to keep up with demand.  You probably are going to grow but do it “leaner and meaner” than before.  Maybe some of your competitors have dropped out, providing you with some nice opportunities.

What is the most effective and productive way to add employees?  The answer is simple- hire the right people. Companies hiring now or in the near future will probably have access to one of the largest available talent pools in recent memory.  Hiring the right person should be a snap, correct?  Actually no, even with a huge selection of talent out in the market place, if you are going to use the same techniques for employee selection as in the past, your chances of hiring a star performer are no better than before. 

What are the traditional methods of pre-employment selection?   Select a small group of candidates by weeding through resumes, bring the selected group in for a series of interviews, then call a few references and select the one you like the best.  Congratulations, you just hired someone who is great at writing resumes, doing an interview and has some nice friends for references.  Unfortunately, none of that has anything to do with whether that person will make an outstanding employee; in fact there is an 80% change he won’t be.

What makes and outstanding employee?  Someone who has passion for her work, has values that are compatible with the work environment and has the aptitude to learn and excel.  The only way you will find that person is to use objective, effective pre-employment selection systems that go way beyond the tradition hiring. This is not some new cutting edge methodology, it is tried and true.   Pre-employment selection systems work, as studies show that the chances of hiring an outstanding employee are 4 times greater than traditional hiring methods.

If you are ready to hire, let us know.  We can give you the tools to do it right.