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Succession Planning

Succession planning is vital to any organization that wants to sustain or improve their competitive advantage.  One of the marks succession planning imageof good leadership is creating an environment where successors experience success rather than failure.  Unfortunately many executives set up their successors for failure, or simply earmarked weak performers as their replacement, leaving their organization with management or leadership issues to deal with.  

Succession planning should be an integral part of your companies performance management system, MG Assessments can help you develop a robust, effective system  that ensures that leadership transitions occur while maintaining workforce moral and productivity.

The Profile XT TM “  “Total Person” assessment is a powerful tool that will help you  ensure  potential replacements match the position   A prospects profile is compared with job match patterns for a number of jobs and characterizes the  candidates suitability those positions.  The tool creates easy to read reports that help build effective succession plans for the individual as well as your business. With the Profile XT, your company will benefit from having the most comprehensive information available for making succession planning decisions. 

Don’t let your company fall into the “Big Dog Syndrome” trap, where executives leave without an adequate replacement and put your company in jeopardy of losing its competitive edge.  Call us or contact us to find out more about how we can help you develop a comprehensive succession plan.