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The Companies the Performed the Study

The following companies participated in the comprehensive employee engagement survey:

  • The Concours Group – founded in 1997 by Dr. Ron Christman. New breed of research, management consulting and exclusive education. They work with 300 of the global 1000 companies and senior executives.
  • Agewave – founded by Dr. Ken Dychtwald is considered the nation’s foremost visionary and leading authority on the social, lifestyle, marketing and workforce implications of the aging of America. He has served as consultant and advisor to Fortune 100 companies and governmental organizations worldwide.
  • Harris Interactive – A survey firm best known for the Harris Poll, a leading independent barometer of American public opinion since 1963.
  • Profiles International

Other facts about the survey 

  • The study cost $2.3 million
  • The study took 3 years to complete
  • And the participation of 24 major corporations. Their executives helped us create the assessment tool and their employees participated in the research base.
  • Managers, Professionals, and other workers from large, medium and small companies

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