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Workforce Compatibility Toolsmanager employee conflict

Is your manager or supervisor “out of sync” with her or his staff? Are conflicts and miscommunications sabotaging your organizations productivity? Having talented, hard working people in your company is not necessarily enough to have optimal productivity. Managers and their staff who understand each others style are productive and engaged. Lack of that critical understanding can lead to low productivity, plummeting moral and skyrocketing turnover and absenteeism.

Addressing this key issue could be the best thing you do for your organization. MG Assessments has a valuable tool for understanding workforce compatibility. Our on-line tool will help give you specific guidance to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve communication between manager and employee
  • Identify and avoid potential management conflicts
  • Resolve ineffective working relationships

A good working relationship between supervisor and subordinate is critical to employee productivity and engagement. Profiles Workforce CompatibilityTM  tool gives you an analysis that will help identify differences and compatabity issues as well as give you specific recommendations on how your manager should work with her employee.

 More information on workforce compatibility.

Sample report 

Increase the effectiveness of your managers and supervisors by allowing them to create a custom management strategy for every employee. Contact us today to find out more about workforce compatibility.

Profiles WorkForce Compatibility™ provides insight into 7 key characteristics that define the relationship between an employee and their manager. These characteristics include:

• Self-assurance
• Self-reliance
• Conformity
• Optimism
• Decisiveness
• Objectivity
• Approach to Learning

The Profiles WorkForce Compatibility™ solution includes two reports:

The Supervisor Report provides detailed analysis of the quantitative differences in ratings between the Manager and the employee for the 7 characteristics.

  • The Profiles Summary provides a high level overview of the major working styles for both the Manager and the employee.
  • The Characteristic Comparisons section provides quantitative ratings identifying similarities and differences between the employee and the Manager for the 7 characteristics.
  • The Working Together section provides specific recommendations on how to best manage the employee based on the similarities and differences in working characteristics.
  • The Next Steps section provides detailed instructions on how tosuccessfully implement Profiles WorkForce Compatibility™ solution.

The Employee Report provides an employ eccentric perspective of the similarities and differences in working characteristics of their Manager, with specific guidance on what they can do to best work with their Manager.

Create Management Strategies Tailored for Every Employee.

 Every employee/manager relationship is unique and requires a different management strategy to achieve best results. For example, the relationship and management strategies between a highly decisive boss and a highly decisive employee will be significantly different than the relationship the boss has with a less decisive employee. The decisive employee thrives on quick decisions, while the other will be more methodical in their decision making approach, potentially conflicting with the faster-paced Manager. A “one size fits all” management approach used for both employees will likely result in frustration for everyone.

Profiles WorkForce Compatibility™ solution allows Managers to easily create a custom management strategy for every employee in their organization to develop a highly engaged and productive workforce.